Bed & Breakfast rooms - Salento - Lecce

La Giustina

La Giustina is our Bed & Breakfast room with shades of blue.

Blue is the color the eyes of Giustina, the untiring and generous queen of the kitchen, always ready to give her judgment; sufficiently so to deserve the nickname.

La Cialonga

This room is majestic and high with partially orange walls and glimpses of Lecce stone.

The room gives a sensation of the past and antiquity. A terrace overlooks the garden and offers guests access to the warm and exotic colors of the Andalusian gardens.

La Ziamaria

This room has walls in an evocative shade of burgundy.

The room is dedicated to Ziamaria, the untiring queen of the kitchen. From the windows, between the geraniums, a Lecce stone terrace makes its appearance, where you can enjoy relaxing.